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Took a nice young cull buck !!!
Not a bad way to open the archery season 2011-2012

Hello Everyone
 Sorry its been awhile since I've been on.Well its the Archery season 2011-2012.
 As you can see above we took this fine heavy odd four point buck on Nov. 5th. Well its now November 9-th & as of yesterday the "RUT" is on. I was on my treestand yest. morning at 6:20  & at 6:45 am in came a 6-point & a big 10 point . However the big buck must have winded me But the 6-point just kept on walking just outside my bow range. he then left the area I was in. About 15 min. later in came two large does .they were in a trot straight through just outside my bow range as well. Then in came a young spike buck . I was hunting over a swamp cooridor that lead from a beechnut / acorn ridge  to a bedding area consisting of heavy pines. Well I radioed in to my wife back at camp & asked for the time , just then "all hell  broke loose!!!!! The swamp became filled with deer rushing in & bucks were grunting I could hear a doe bleating loudly . Then a big buck just cleared the swamp as to have the doe to himself I guess. he snort wheezed , at that instant I copied the grunt /snort / wheeze in hopes of bringing him into shot range. just then I seen a big doe bolt right past me back into the pines & he followed suit, still just out of bow range. :( Then yesterday afternoon I decided to hunt from one of the groundblinds in the pines. At approx. 3:45 pm I saw a nice 7- point comming in to my right  about 45 yrds out. I tried grunting to him, then I used "The Can" he just wouldn't stop . Then to my left I saw a group of deer heading my way. I grabbed my bow locked in & seen it was a big doe , right behind her was a beautiful ten point, then a nice what looked to be 8 point & 3 other big bucks all chasing after the doe I knew then the rut was on for sure & that doe was "Hot" I quickly radioed my wife to tell her the deer were running in circles & to be aware,  but she "shushed me" lol she then said she had a nice 6-point  about 24 yrds from her , but a large pine tree was blocking her shot . Meanwhaile The group of deer chasing the doe circled around less than 50 yards of me for what seemed forever!!!. I tried grunting  , snort wheezes, the can, I mean they wanted nothing to do with me!!! it was all about the "hot doe" they were chasing. They had come into shot range that had me draw my bow 3 different occassions & they were just too fast. I won't shoot at running deer even though they were more at a trot than as running. the doe just bleated the whole time & every time she past my location. I have to tell ya I was left rattled  lol :) . Then as fast as the action happend it stopped the doe & four bucks took off deep into the pines & outta site of me. But what a day lol ,After getting back to camp My Wife Carol told me that the 6-pointer she had around 24 yrds away right on the path leading to camp was just lolly gagging for what seemed an hour she said in frustration lol.The lesson learned "Thats huntin folks But what an awesome overall day it was though no deer were taken, it was just awesome to see the rut in action & all big bucks chasing that one doe. she just pranced around in circles probably just not quite ready yet, but definetly not far away. I can hardly wait to get back out there!!! normally you'd have to pry me outta the woods at this time of the hunt , but I have some  buisness that I need take care of before heading back out . The gun season opens next Sat. on the 19-th But I am hoping for a shot at one of these bruisers before that time comes . I will be sure & let ya's know how we make out. Carol is crazy wanting to get back out there as well am I.
 Well good luck to everyone out there already
until next time hunt safe, May You bag the buck of your dreams!!!
Take a kid hunting it will create memories to last a lifetime & theirs too :)
 Wally & Carol
 May God Bless

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