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Scent,Sound,Wind,Becomes All more important here without snow!!!

A Beautiful Piebauld Deer !!!!

A Couple Of Albino Whitetails !!!!
Along With Another Whitetail Doe!!!

Folks I wanted to share these photo's Above with you all a friend of mine called & said he had coraled a weird looking deer & himself not being a hunter didn't realize he had captured a Piebauld young buck he had threw some carrots  corn etc out for this animal & was able to lure it into his horse corale until I was able to come up & take several photo's of it. This was a trully amazingly beautiful animal & I was so happy he called & shared this deer  with me after taking several photos & making sure his belly was full we released him & Joe my friend fed this deer on occassion all through the winter whenever he saw him. At the time this deer showed up it had rained a few day's then everything froze solid & the deer was eating Joey's shrubs & he started feeding him through the bad freeze he had & continued on doing so through the winter.This was  the first time I had ever encountered a Piebauld deer & it was a very special occassion, deer season was over so we have high hopes this deer would live & get to breed possibly the following year on top the albino was seen in the same area last year as well & managed to get photo's of them as well & am glad I am able to share such a rare sight with you folks so I hope you enjoy seeing them as do I. 


In this section I will try and explain how I hunt whitetails when there is no snow.! While there is no easy way to hunt a deer anytime,It becomes Vital that you pay more attention to all the tactics you as a hunter use to take a deer at anytime, I had hunted without snow during this archery season & most of the gun season this year & was asked bye friends how I best go about hunting them successfully without snow , While there is NO guaranteed sureway out there, there are I believe steps you need be more concerned with for example pay more than usual particular attention to at least 3 factors Wind, scent, deer sign, 1st Off I will alway's have had all my pre - season scouting in to make sure there is plenty deer movement , sign & activity via. rubs, tracks, viusal sightings,scrapes, etc. best sign being a deer standing in the tracks you see lol,Once you have determined there is adequate deer activity in the area you are hunting DO NOT Ever over scout or put undo human prescence there days pryor to the hunt!! If you did your homework scouting, & tracking for travel routes, escape routes,feeding, watering holes etc. you may want to again day's pryor to the actual hunt have hung  a stand or groundblind or several near these travel paths corriders funnels, doglegs,that lead to & from feeding bedding sites & (Near) being NOT right on top of the trails etc.,but within 10 or so yards of the various site you have chosen, as well as the quickest & quietest way to & from that chosen spot making sure that you have factored in the wind direction , the easiest way to do this is to watch the evening news the night pryor to your hunt as you may have to vary your entry exit strategies often according to wind change variations, If you are hunting private land with permission or your own land what I do is put a orange tag or something so I know the wind direction at my start point & enter my spot accordingly based on the wind. I personally believe on always entering my chosen spot at least an hour pryor to first light so to allow any scent may have brought along a chance to dissapear somewhat.I alway's use some form of cover scent, there are many different types out there But (ALWAY'S) match the scent you use to the area you hunt example if your hunting a pine woods / thicket I always the day b4 etc. gather some pine branches & needles, put all my hunting clothes in a plastic bag & tie it shut, keeping it away from Pets, gasoline, kerosine, etc.the same goes if you  are hunting an apple orchard etc.Then you'd want to put all your hunting clothing in a bag with cut apples. I have occasionally bought 1/2gal of apple juice & sprayed my clothes as well with it if hunting in or around apples as well as my feet, acorn scent if around acorn ridges and so on.I also make my own home (brew scent) that consists of various grasses plants weeds I know the deer eat etc. just gather a bunch of greens, grass outta a feild various plants weeds from the area heat them in a big pot covered with about a gal. of water for about 15 min or until water boils then cover & simmer for about 20 min max.Then just pour through a screen filter after it cools add it to an empty jug or fill a spray bottle with it making sure you filtered it as not to clog the spray nozzle & walla you've made your own scent cover that really works!!! I generally make a couple gal of it. Not to mentioned saved about $10.00 .I usually hunt my chosen stand/ groundblind etc. for at least a couple of hrs daily before deciding to start a spot & stalk hunt,If the area you hunt don't have alot of hunting pressure / shooting around you, You may choose to stay put longer as deer where I hunt are pretty used to hearing shooting all season long,& after a few days into gun season if not too heavily pressured! they go back into their regular patterns, as the rut is in full swing in these parts of NY. though times of deer movements may have changed, especially Buck travel!!! best times may be at or just into first light or at or just pryor to dusk. However It has been my experience that the best times vary as well as this year for example: I took an 8 pointer during archery season after seeing this buck & filming him on several occassions at first light, calling him etc. when he finally appeared I was in one of my treestands at 2:00 pm in the afternoon near an acorn ridge, when I decided to give rattling/ calling with a grunt call from Primo's called the easy grunter,that day proved that times & Pressure play a significate roll.There was no snow then either but after a fairly lenghy tracking job due to lack of snow I had bagged a beautiful 8 point buck.You can spot & stalk deer as well though much more difficult due to various hunter / noise conditions with dry leaves etc.however it can be done with pratctice (honing your movement skills is advised),as well as being prepared to exercise your tracking skills should you take a deer.It will be difficult to say the least unless you drop the deer in its tracks, while it is impossible to be totally quite , there are some factors to remember I believe # 1 being MOVEMENT that will get you caught everytime in nearly every situation but mabye a couple, One of them is if you are walking & You see a deer walking & he hasn't spotted you yet, you are able to move too as long as he is moving but if he stops & you are still moving he will 9 chances outta 10 catch you and be gone with the wind in  a  heartbeat !!! So if you see a deer walking etc.& if you are going to move make it a move to positition yourself for a shot ONLY!!! at that point I usually give out a baat noise or something to make the deer stop to have a better shot placement chance. I also took my 4 point buck during the gun season without snow as well rattling & calling brought this deer in as it did during the archery season,And right into my meadow where he left me a very short drag back to camp, after bagging him. Well I hope I was able to better help you understand while difficult at best it is NOT impossible to take a whitetail buck, or Doe without snow you just need be extra careful to pay attention to the little things leading up to a deer hunt without snow & with that & a lot of Luck your way May you Be Blessed with the deer of a Lifetime !!!!!!!! Til next time have a Great Safe Hunt & May GOD Bless you !!!

                 Wally :)


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