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Some Thoughts On Why!!

Well Folks this is & always has & probably alway's will remain a argumentative  topic among Hunter / Non-Hunter alike. Though there are many way's to explain this topic, I came across an explaination while browsing through various websites & came up with what I believe to be just how myself & most hunters alike feel.

It is my feeling that hunting is not a sport, in as much as a sport is most often perceived as an organized activity performed for the entertainment of the participants and/or onlookers. Hunting is something that goes much deeper than that.

I've been asked several times why hunters kill, when we could just as easily stalk our prey with a camera or binoculars, just for the thrill of being up close with a deer, turkey, or other game animal. The answer is simple: without the kill, we're not hunting.

The kill is the culmination of the hunt. We're not fishing here; there's no catch-and-release option, it's all or nothing. Yes, it's fulfilling just to be in the woods with the animals, and to get up-close-and-personal with them. Yes, it's a thrill to have a deer walk by at 25 yards, totally unaware of my presence.

But the kill is what makes it hunting.

I've got to quote a favorite statement here: We don't hunt to kill, we kill in order to have hunted. I'm not sure of the source of this quote!!!, but it's right on!!. We hunt for the thrill of the chase, and the ecstatic peace that comes with being out there trying to beat a wild animal at his own game. When the chance finally comes, there is no doubt; we will kill.

But, can't we just stroll down to the grocery store and pick out a nice roast, instead of killing the poor forest creatures? Yep. But why should we? When I kill a deer, I know that deer had a chance, and that up until the time I took him, he lived a wild, free life. That erstwhile cow that's sitting in the foam trays in the butcher's case was born to die...( It Never Had A Chance). Add to that the various steroid injections, etc, and I know I'd rather be eating the deer. I also know the conditions in which the deer was butchered, since I've always done that myself. I also have the pride in furnishing it, rather than paying someone else to do my killing for me.

To those who don't kill and don't understand why we do, I'll borrow from an acquaintance. Why do we kill rather than buy meat? For the same reason many folks grow vegetables in their back yards... for the same reason amateur musicians play music rather than buying it... for the same reason folks paint or draw pictures, rather than buying someone else's art... for the same reason many enjoy photography rather than just buying a picture book of photos... because of the pride that lies in doing it ourselves. Also, venison (deer meat) is much healthier than beef or pork, as it is much leaner and for me personally being Diabetic A much healthier personal Choice.

He went on  to include another quote as well, from The Old Man and the Boy : "...if there's one thing I despise it's a killer, some blood-crazy idiot that just goes around bam-bamming at everything he sees. A man who takes pleasure in death just for death's sake is rotten somewhere inside, and you'll find him doing things later in life that'll prove it." All true hunters agree with this, and "We don't kill out of bloodlust, and We don't kill everything we see".

The kill is not the bottom line reason for the hunt, but it cannot be removed from the equation. 

I Have over the years had many a conversation with people who hunt  as well with those who don't hunt .

 My personal choice is not something that is new, as it has been around as long as man has Lived on This Earth & I imagine will  be apart of life as long as man exsist . If anyone would rather hunt their meals at the grocery store , I have not a problem with that I just happen to choose to hunt as I was brought up in the country & know that deer at least have the chance to be free & cows along with Beef cattle as well as many other various animals etc. Have no chance they are born only to end up in the grocery store with no chance to survive .So remember as hunters the vast majority are not Blood thirsty killers we chose a differnt method to get our food & most of us just enjoy all that the great Outdoors is all about the Kill itself being the final part of enjoying our time well spent enjoying The Great Outdoors!!!!

So Folks Let me End with saying this "I just Resent The Very word  Hunter being catagorized as a Person from another Planet" ("A Heartless Blood Thirsty Killer") The Reality folks is this! We as "Hunters" Are "Presidents, Doctors, Lawers, Senators, Folks were Your Fathers , Brothers, Sisters, Husbands, Wives, Children, Neighbors, Cousins, etc. etc. etc. We are not anything like what some people will have you believe !!! The vast majority of us just Enjoy The Great Outdoors & Have the greatest Respect for the same.We Are All GOD'S Children!!! 

      Until Next Time May You have A Great Safe Hunt & Just Enjoy The Great Outdoors & All It Has To Offer, & Be Sure & Include Your Children It Will Create Memories To Last A Lifetime & Theirs As Well !!!

         Wally   Brown Rabbit 

Please: Pray For Our Troops & Their Families, Here & Abroad!!! Prayer: Dear Lord Please Bless , Guide & Protect Our Troops For The Selfless Acts They Perform For Our Great Country !!! AMEN.
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