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The techniques of the spot and stalk hunter are widely varied, but no matter how different they are, they all come down to using the same tactics. Spot & stalk hunting has been long used by many Native Americans for many years , In fact probably invented by them. As they used this method long before  American white hunters did in having to get in real close to take Buffalo with a bow etc.. Though becoming a good spot and stalk hunter takes alot of practice, and lots of fine tuning, however it is achievable by any hunter who wants & takes the time to learn. You need just do alot of research pryor to trying it.
With all the techniques today , with treestands, groundblinds, superfast bows etc.  Spot & stalk hunting is fast becomming a lost art by today's standards , But it should NEVER be Discounted by any serious Hunter !!!

My Dad With A Spot & Stalk Buck I Took!!
May He Rest In Peace!!!

This hunt took place on state land
About 20 miles from where I was living at the time. It was during the 80's. Not everyone I hunt with does  the spot & stalk hunts very often anymore , But I still enjoy it . This particular spot & stalk came about when I was hunting a small swamp / thicket I came across the day before. I had found this spot while checking out new area's that weren't quite as heavily hunted & were deeper in the state park . This Day as I was in this area. I had walked up as I said on a swamp & upon walking up to it , A buck jumped up & immediatly fled the swamp. I had the park nearly all to myself that day . So I decided to try a spot & stalk on the buck . At first I was sort of suprized because normally when a buck beds down, it usually does so in an area with plenty a good veiw of his surroundings meaning, they can see danger from a good distance allowing them to scoot in a hurry at any sign of danger. For some reason, a lot of people who try to stalk deer wait until they bed down. While this is a great tactic,  it is not always the best one. If you can approach an deer when they are moving, it can increase your odds at taking that deer. If you ever noticed how deer bed down in areas that provide themselves with many advantages?  One being as I said they bed usually where they can see any sign of any forth comming danger. This will blow your stalk most of the time before it even starts. If they can’t see you immediatly , they can smell you and see you later. Again always be aware of wind direction, as you should alway's use that to your advantage by staying downwind. This will help in early detection by the deer. A deer’s eyes are especially good at detecting motion. If they are on their feet and moving they have a tougher time seeing other moving objects. For example, if you were to sit down still on the side of a hill and just look around at your surroundings ,  if something moves, chances are you will see it. But get up and start walking around and it becomes more difficult to pick out any kind of movement well, the same holds true for deer . Finally, deer have hearing far better than any humans. When they are bedded they can hear leaves crunch or a twig break a mile away on a calm day etc. When they are moving and making noise, it makes it a little easier for us, the hunter, to approach them.
As I wrote in another page in this site, about when a deer is moving you are able to move as well , but if he stops & your still moving well more likely than not, you probably can say goodbye to that deer. Anyway this day I decided to put a stalk on this deer. The conditions seemed right & I enjoy stalking overall . After factoring in the wind direction as well as the direction the buck went after I jumped him, I decided to back track, and make a fairly large circle approach to the area I figured he would head after he fled. That took approx. 20 minutes or so, that also allowing for the buck to settle down somewhat in the proccess. After about 40 minutes of SLOW stop & go utilizing my binauculars constantly I again spotted the buck  he was again bedded in an small section of downed trees in the middle of a small hardwooded section of the park. However the spot he chose was probably the toughest spot possible for me to approach him, So I just sat for a few minutes & tried to think of a way to get in closer for a shot at him, after several minutes, being about 100 yards from the buck. I decided that I would circle back around him again, and put the sun directly behind me & directly in his eyes as I approached him. I figured this would be the only chance I would have at mabye taking him. Well after about 25 min of back tracking & getting the sun in my favor , the wind gave in as well & had turned slightly into my face giving me even more of a good chance at getting in on this buck before he would  could catch me & once again flee. Then as absolutly quiet & slowly as possible I took mabye one or two steps (Baby Steps) very carefully planning each & every step.
this took me about ten minutes overall. Finally I was in range of this buck I just needed to figure how to get a clean shot. As he put himself nearly on top of 3 or 4 downeed trees & he lay dead smack in the middle of them one problem though upon getting closer I had gave myself a lesser view of the buck meaning, all I could now see was basically his antlers presesnting another problem. Praying the wind direction would hold out & not change on me I decided to try a little something out of the ordinary, hopefully without sending him bolting into the next county. I figured if I chanced gettin in any closer than the 50 or so yards I was he'd surely pick me up & be gone in a flash!! So I decided I needed to try & make him stand up . With that being said I picked up a small rock I threw it over his head behind him about 10 yrds. !! The buck immediately stood up I quickly took aim & fired !!!! The buck fell after going only mabye 5 steps or so !!! I was ecstatic. As I approached the buck I seen he was a fine 7- pointer I couldn't have been more pleased or excited right then. I honestly don't know what made me decide to throw a stone over him, but when he stood up, he looked right in the direction the noise from the rock made. And that gave me a near perfect broadside shot opportunity. All in all I had another fantastic hunt & is and alway's will be in my book of memories of great hunts to remember & will remain there the rest of my day's & a great camp story every year!!!! Spot & Stalk Hunting Is No Easy Hunt But If Successful A Hunt You Will Not Forget Anytime Soon Thereafter. It just takes alot of practice , You can't expect this to be 100% guarantee everytime , But should be added to your bag of tricks. If you are a serious hunter. When you have successfully matched wits & outsmarted any deer you have stalked it's a feeling like No other. Fooling any Deer is no easy chore , But when You Have you will be adding  a stalk hunt more often trust me on this.
         I hope You Enjoyed This Hunt with Me As I Did
           Remember: Spot & Stalk Hunting Is Just Another
            Great Tool You Can Use In Our Never Ending
                    Quest: For The Whitetail Deer


                !!!Until Next Time may You Have A Great!!!

               !!!Safe Hunt! & Enjoy The Great Outdoors!!!



 Here are some more Photo's of another Piebauld Deer A friend of mine sent to me I'm not sure who took the pics , but they were taken somewhere in Texas Piebauld deer are a very rare sight in the wild & to get pics of them are a bonus They are just so beautiful these deer I will not shoot as they are just too rare a find.

A Special Thanks To My Dear Friend Janet !!!
For Sending Me These Pics In An E-mail !!!

These Pictures Where Taken Somewhere In Texas
Though I Am Not Sure Of The Source A Dear Friend Sent me These

Piebauld Deer Are A Rare Sight In Deed!!!!
You Should Feel Very Lucky When Fortunate Enough To Have An Encounter With These Beautiful Animals!!

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