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Thank You Dad For Taking Time To Care
I Will Never Forget You Dad

Happy Fathers Day Dad
May You Rest In Peace

This hunt took place in my mid 20's .
 This would be the most Special hunt I'd Remember , because My Dad would be with myself & 2 brothers Bob who passed away in January this year, and my other older brother George.
As it turns out this would be my last hunt with Dad, because do to health reasons, he retired after that hunting season. This hunt took Place in the late 70's mabye 1979 etc. We had decided we would hunt in Alleghany co. Ny. Just outside a town called Wellsville. I had scouted this area alot during the late summer / Fall seasons & had seen all kinds of deer & deer activity . So I secured permission from the landowner , also I had a friend who worked with us who owned the adjoining property. We all went up to Wellsville the weekend pryor to the Opener. As back then the Deer season still started on a Monday as opposed to seasons now which start  usually the 3rd Saturday in November for Shotgun season. My Brother George had to bring his camper that weekend for us to bunk in  as in, Wellsville if you didn't book your room at the local motels a year in advance, Your outta luck come the deer season the following  year. On That saturday  Pryor to the opener, I took us all around the various area's we would be hunting  on Monday . My brothers were already familar with the area, but my Dad had never hunted it, so I gave him the  heads up on the area we'd be hunting come Monday. Well we had spotted plenty of deer & at night some real Bruisers, sporting some awesome racks. Needless to say we were pretty pumped up now more than ever. Spotlighting in Western New York State is legal at night as long as you follow some basic law's & guidelines the DEC has in Place, like No weapons in the vehicle while spotlighting etc.. Folks Because my Dad was with us, it was already so Special to us Boy's , because my Dad hadn't been hunting with us for years . But he had retired that year  from  his Job at 77 yrs old , and  we were able to convince him to come out hunting with us. Well we spent Sunday in the town of Wellsville.  We went to the various Restaurants, Met a Bunch  of the Locals & mingled  in town the whole day. We finally went back & set up camp on top of a huge hill. The farmer had told us that very large deer herds came off of & crossed the road  there  every morning. We would also be away far enough from his cows so not to spook them. We spent the night playing cards , telling hunts of old . Somehow the deer seemed to get Bigger everytime we told the stories (he -he) we shared some real laugh's most of the night, until it was bedtime . which came fairly early for us, as we had an early start & a long day ahead of us. Back in them years we had each carried whistles with us. If anyone got a deer they would blow the whistle, to let everyone else know they scored. I was the first one up in the morning around 4:30 am. I woke everyone else up at 5:00 am. We all got packed up & ready while, I had cooked breakfast etc . We ate then got out of the camper , wished each other good Luck , and parted way's. I was sooo excited I could hardly contain myself . As I entered the field I decided to hunt  a treeline. That led across where the farmer had told me the herd comes from . Across from that my Father went directly the otherside from where I was posted, this was on open field with a huge Hill in the middle of it,  about 20 acres  in size. My brothers took the truck & went to the bottom of the hill & went in below our position. Into an area of pines about 30 acres in size and deer as well as Bears crossed there alot, all during the day. There were several bears in this area & we had taken a couple over ther years, while hunting with friends. It was around 7:10 am when I looked across the street on the hill leading up a ridge that lead down a big draw on the otherside, When just then I thought I saw movement.  right!!  then a herd of about at least 30 or so deer came out of the woods  started moving  along the ridge towards the road , and right between myself & my Fathers position. I grabbed my binouculars to see if my Father was looking in the right direction .  I was pumped up to no end , just knowing the deer were heading right towards our location. In what seemed hours, was actually  mabye 10 minutes, When the herd finally crossed the street ( A dirt ) road ,And they went right to the treeline I was standing in & continued along right towards my location!!! They were about 20 yards out from the treeline, still in the field . Then as they got into shot range, I was looking for a buck in the group when I  finally spotted a 4 pointer I  had no shot opportunity because all the doe's were around him. He then turned and started hopping into the treeline in front of me 30 yards or so, then "poof" he was gone . For some reason unknown to me he just spooked & the rest of the herd just stopped & froze in place I qwiky took aim at a big doe with my 5 shot Winchester Model 200 Pump gun & fired !!!! down went the doe I shot at . The herd immediatly bolted in all directions most ran straight out across the field, right to the corner my Dad was posted at. Bang!!! Bang!!! Bang!!! 3 shots rang out!!!!!!!! I had then waited a couple of minutes , wanting to go out & collect the nice doe I had shot once through the neck, However My Dad hadn't blown his whistle yet , when he finally did. I Blew mine as well.  I went over to my Doe & gutted her enough so I could go give my Dad a hand with his if needed. About 10 minutes later I went over to where Dad was posted & seen he had also taken a large doe. I was soooo Happy Me & Dad both scored!!! in what turned out to be less than the first hour  of  the  opener. I qwikly gutted my Dads deer . He said thanks, I gave him a big hug & congratulated him.  I then told him I was going back to the spot where I had taken my doe and we should stay posted there, for the rest of the morning hunt. I heard lots of shooting across the street on the other ridge , And was hoping that would send more deer running our way. Well that never happend that morning , however we heard quite a bit of shooting below us.
I hoped it was comming from my 2 brothers Bob & George. 12:00 pm came around , we had all agreed earlier to meet back up & go for lunch then. While dragging our deer back to the  road, while we waited  for the truck / camper.   Dad then told me that this would be his last hunt. As he just couldn't physically get out & do it like he once did and said it wasn't enjoyable as it once was because of this . That was a sad thing for me to hear but, I understood my dad was in his late 70's & he just couldn't get around like he used to . I was however sooooo Very Greatful My Dad came out with us one last time & getting a deer was a bonus memory now that I will cherish forever. My Dad has since passed away at age 90  . I thought today On Fathers Day would be an appropriate time to write this hunt Being ( Fathers Day) I miss You lots Dad I think Of you daily & just know everytime I go out Hunting  & Fishing , I feel you sitting right next to me :) Thank You Dad for all of the Wonderful Years. You took the time to take all 8 of us out fishing , And for showing us all how to just Enjoy the Great Outdoors . Because Of You Dad I now as a Father myself am enjoying all the same things you taught me with my son Your Grandson Jeremy . May You Rest In Peace Dad I Love You!!!
Also Happy Fathers Day to Brother Bob too who passed away this past January , You are all sadly Missed May you all Rest In Peace.  
    Your Loving Son / Brother

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