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Another Successful Hunt !!!

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Another Successful Hunt With My Nephew Eric !

Hunting With Eric Is Always Special To Me !!
This Hunt Allowed Eric To Fill His Doe Tag

This Hunt took place yestarday 12-5-2008
 I had invited my Nephew Eric to Hunt along with my Wife Carol, my Son Jeremy, & Myself. We decided to hunt the afternoon at my camp. The winds were fairly mild. I had gave Eric the heads up on how we've been hunting the various stands, groundblinds etc. Since he hunted with us last we've made changes to the stand locations & how we hunt the area of my camp overall based on the winds & weather, along with various information gathered from my trail cams. Anyhow I had decided to set Eric in a chair I had located about a 100 yards from camp. We decided that myself , Carol, & Jeremy would go out and circle around the properties that adjoins ours , in hopes we would walk some deer in front of where Eric was positioned, which was just outside a swamp thicket that lead from a feeding to bedding location that we knew deer traveled often daily. After sending Eric ahead about 5 minutes before. We left the cabin and walked back up to our main path , turned down & headed to the far end of  the last cabin. About halfway down the path, We stopped for a breather. All of the sudden "POW" a shot rang out from the area I sent Eric . It was a single shot  so  told Carol & My Son that I believed the shot came from Eric.
We realized then that he had forgotten to take a two way Radio we had with him , so we didn't know for sure it was him who fired or not , but could only assume . So I had my wife & Son continue with the original plan sending them on a slow walk to the middle of the property then turn & head toward Eric , going through the bedding areas along the way . I continued along to the far end where the last camp was. As I headed towards the lake , I wasn't halfway down to the water yet & saw  movement it was a deer  just to my right . I quickly took aim & tried getting a bead on the deer as he trotted by me at around 40 yards. Just then the deer stumbled over a downed tree instead of jumping it he ran right into it. The deer flipped right over & fell to the ground , I moved into position for a possible shot , however it was like the deer fell off the planet !!! I Mean it was nowhere to be seen, even though I had a great view of that entire area the deer managed to elude me . But before I could try & figure out what the heck just happend, I again saw movement to my right & again there was another deer heading right in my direction. I again quickly took aim seen it was a Fat Doe !!! I gave out a baaat noise & as she looked I fired once the doe dropped right in her tracks !!! man I was happy. Within 30 seconds after  I dropped the doe & was heading over to her location , I heard someone else say hey ! I answered yea over here. I grabbed my two way & called my wife Carol and told her I just killed a doe. She said she would head to my location along with my son Jeremy. Then I heard the voice say hey again this time, realized it was my nephew Eric's voice. Again I said yea over here too him & a minute later he appeared & asked if I'd seen a deer go by falling down etc. I told him no but 2 deer had come by & I shot the second one  but told him the 1-st one had trotted by tripped and fell to my left about 40 yards from my location, but it just vanashed I didn't see which way it went when it got up. As we walked over to the downed doe, he said two deer came right towards him from the location I told him to watch. Which is  where I had set him up. He said It happend less than 5 minutes after he got there. So he took aim & fired dropping a doe in her tracks about 30 yards out. But the doe got up he knew he had a lethal shot in her as it nearly took her entire sholder off. However she managed to get up & take off running before he could get into position to place a finishing shot into her. Just before that, the guy's who own the property above the otherside of the adjoing ridge had just held a deer drive not twenty minutes before we decided to try a flush. there was lots of shots fired there so I told everyone to sit tight & be ready just in case they sent any deer our way. Anyhow as myself & Eric got to the downed doe I shot , It was then we realized that this may be the deer Eric was tracking . I told him to go back to the last spot he saw blood & continue from there . My wife went with him to help track it, as it was starting to get dark soon. Well in about ten minutes they returned saying the trail led to the doe I had just shot. Meanwhile I inspected the doe more closley , then realized that this was the deer Eric shot . I had just finished it off ,not seeing it dragging a leg or anything assuming the other deer was the one he may have hit. But upon looking closely I seen that Eric was using a 12 ga. shotgun and I a 20 gauge. My shot was just near the spine which is why she dropped in her tracks. I am just so Happy for Eric he really gave it his all on a fine tracking job as well, so we decided the deer was his. We dragged it back to camp . He had to pick up his daughter & wife at work , so I had Jeremy help him drag it up to his truck on a sled and he was on his way and a happy camper with a deer tag filled on the next to the last day of shotgun season!! . I am so happy & proud of Eric. He has turned into an awesome hunter & wonderful nephew as well . I can't wait to taste that venison sausage ( He He ) :) I can't wait til we hunt again & I'm sure he'll agree
              I Hope You Enjoyed this story
                  Until Nextime May You have
                        A Great Safe Hunt
                And Bag The Deer Of A lifetime!!!

I Would Like to Thank GOD , Carol My Wife & My Son Jeremy
For All The Help They Provided in Dragging & Tracking Erics Deer With Him, The Family Bond Is A Great Thing I Love You All Very Much May GOD Continue Blessing Us All !!!
                   Wally :)

Please: Pray For Our Troops & Their Families, Here & Abroad!!! Prayer: Dear Lord Please Bless , Guide & Protect Our Troops For The Selfless Acts They Perform For Our Great Country !!! AMEN.
If you can't stand behind them!!! Then feel free to stand in Front of Them!!! 
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