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I Decided To Take This 5-point Cull Buck !!!!
This Buck Would Have Never been A Good Breeding Buck!!

Definetly a Season to Remember!!!!

A Perfect hit this deer didn't go 30 yards
The Sled made the drag w/ out snow much easier :)

Hello Fellow Hunters
I would like to start off by saying that this 2009 archery season
was by far the best I personally had ever seen & been fortunate enough to be a part of. I mean I had more encounters with bucks , than I had ever seen in all 37 years of my hunting . I'll begin by telling you that I had up close & personal encounters with 14 different bucks. The smallest being a spike, and the largest that would have made the pope & young without question. early the 1st week of bow season I had a 6 point that had a rack that looked high just like he was a reindeer, however he was a whitetail. The encounter I had with him brought me within 12 yards of him , from a groundblind position. One problem ! the one spot I had not cleared a shooting lane in is where he appeared in, go figure lol. He had 2 young doe's with him, Both walked right in front of me at 6 yards no more, without busting me. I so wanted the 6 that I just waited anxiously for what seemed an eternity. In reality it was about 5 minutes. after standing there for all that time , he finally walked over to a old big clump of trees about 40 yards away & (YEP) he layed down , without one shot opportunity :( .  A few min after that something spooked the 3 deer & they bolted back to the heavy bedding thicket they came from. Well folks it just went downhill after that bigtime.
About ten min after that a fiesty red squirrel came in front of me , he caught me moving or heard me move etc. Well he started screaming as loud as he could. Most any hunter who's experienced an encounter with a red squirrel knows what I'm talking about. grrrrr it was the screach that commands all the animals in the woods to stop & listen!!! Well after 5 min. of that he really got to me as it was prime time around 4:15 pm. Well foolish me let him get me to the point I finally took a small stick & tossed it up the tree trying to shoo it away. What happend next you ask??? Yep you guessed it as my arm was comming down, I seen movement!! I focused on the movement & low & behold it was the ten point I had seen several times just pryor to the bow opener. He busted me outright :( one look & 3 or 4 bounds & poof he was gone grrrrrr. I was really peed to say the least, two close encounters & NO DEER to show for it. I couldn't let myself get discouraged as it was only the 3rd day & there was buck sign everywhere. That night my trail cam had picked up a 5-pt . cull buck we decided to take if we had the opportunity as we are trying to take the lesser class bucks who won't ever amount to a good class breeding buck . We knew there are several nice 8- pt's & 2 nice 10 pt's as well as several 6- pointers that eventually will turn into nice breeders, If left to  live for a couple years. Well I had spent time in several different ladder stands I had placed along various travel routes, we know to be heavily regular routes the deer travel through. Well I had checked the cams on day 2 , of the archery & discovered the 5- point buck we decided to take if we had the opportunity had been traveling this one trail on a regular basis, so I decided to hunt that stand the following day. So the next morning I got out & into the new stand I had put up a couple weeks earlier , around 5:45 am . At 7:45 am I heard noise from behind me . I looked & seen it was a buck headed right toward where I had layed a trail of C'mere deer several day's in a row. The buck turned out to be the very 5-pt cull buck we decided to take . He continued following the trail right past my stand where he got out about 10 to 15 yrds out in front of my I was already at full draw at that point , just waiting for him to turn for a quartering away shot. He finally did , and I let the arrow fly!!!! the arrow slid right directly behind the shoulder & Through. The buck leaped a couple times & disapeared in the thickets ahead of me. I heard him stop at that point, so I waited about 5 minutes before hearing another noise like the buck falling down. After a couple more minutes I lowered my bow by the rope & hook, climbed down out of the stand. walked over & found my bloody arrow, telling me I had a great frothy blood on it indicating a good lung / heart shot. I walked in the direction the deer ran, found a good blood trail & 30 yards later there layed the buck . He was the 5 point cull buck we wanted to remove from the heard. I was a happy camper to score on day 3 was awesome. We only had to drag the buck mabye 60 yards back to camp, which was even better :). The weather got too warm that day over 55-60 so Myself & Carol had to quarter out the buck , we took him home & left  him in the refridgerator for 4 day's Then went home & cut him up. That 4 day's made that buck as tender as tender can be. But we had alot of doe tags now too fill So we cut him up took a day off, went back & started hunting again. However the does we saw all summer just left the area all together due to all the very heavy buck rutting activity going on by our camp. I had never seen this much buck rutting activity in all my years of hunting. Ya just had to see it all to even believe it . But it nearly killed all our chances at taking doe's, it just chased them outside our area completely, for the 1st time in over 5 years. I have a story about the rutting Bucks & My rattling sessions , That I just can't write  here  as it's so unbelievable so I will tell it in a video, & I had my wife right there not 25 yrds away to bare witness to it all !!!!  All I can say it was so intense I prob had a spot in my drawers after the encounter lol So stay tuned I will be adding that video story real soon. I hope you enjoyed this story , as I did reliving it again while writing it to yous'

Until Nextime May You Have A Great Safe Hunt !!!!
Enjoy The great Outdoors May You bag A Deer Of A Lifetime

Please: Pray For Our Troops & Their Families, Here & Abroad!!! Prayer: Dear Lord Please Bless , Guide & Protect Our Troops For The Selfless Acts They Perform For Our Great Country !!! AMEN.
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