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1st Buck At New Camp!!!

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Decided this was a cull buck

The First Buck Taken!!!
From My New Camp!!!

I purchased the cabin & land where I had hunted for abt 3 yrs pryor to buying it, It was Archery season 2005 I had seen a good amount of deer just pryor to the opener & had seen this buck several times before the opening of archery season, However at this point I had already decided if I seen this buck again I would  take him if possible as I would personally leave the Breeder Bucks go & cull these lesser class bucks who would never be good breeder bucks as we already had several Nice 8's and a couple 10's, & a 12 point buck as main breeders. Myself & the landowners around me had already agreed would pass up on these brusiers though not an easy thing to do if you've never had a BIG buck cross your path at close range just not an easy task but in order to have the awseome buck doe ratio we have now in this area we hunt is well worth holding out and to allow these breeders to bring along more good quality bucks, However It was the third day of archery in 2005 I had been hunting a couple different stands that I had scouted and set stands in near my cabin about 80 yards away in my woods which borders on one side an acorn ridge & this year was an awesome acorn crop again & deer were very plentiful there most all the time . On day 3 I was in the stand by 6:00 am & around 9:00 am I decided to try my luck rattling & calling I was using  the can Doe Bleat by primo's it just did an awesome job along with my rattle bag I had 4 different deer come in tho the first 3 were does a mother and two young ones I had watched them several min eating acorns until one of the young ones caught me moving snorted, stomped looking right at me then the 3 bolted , well I gave it another 1/2 hour and used my calls & the can again , well again I heard noise comming from almost the same spot where the does appeared I assumed it might be them again but it turned out it was a small racked 3 pointer he came right out of the same thicket where the does came from the wind was perfect in my face and the sun was at my back as he walked up about ten yards from my stand I waited a couple minutes to see if another buck would appear but he came in alone & was feeding on the abundant acorns in the woods by me , I had already decided to take this buck earlier in the week if I had the opporunity he was young and never would be anything but a smaller class size deer I knew he would be very tender so I took aim with my Pearson Bow & let the arrow fly it was a good double lung hit & the buck went all of 35 yards & fell I was a happy camper,!! that and I  just bought this new property along with a camp in the woods which provides awseome privacy Located near the town reserviour which has some of the if not the best northern pike fishing in this whole area lol & great fishing overall I can hardly wait to enjoy the times and fishing / hunting this area has to offer ,not to mention the variety of game there big and small, turkey, squirrel, rabbit , grouse , pheasant, etc. & the thought of sharing this with my Son Jeremy and family is just such a thrill and joy. Well hope you's enjoyed this page as I did sharing it til next time have yourself a Safe great Hunt !!!
            Wally   Deer 

My Future Hunting Buddy!!!
A Proud Father !!! And A Great Son

My New Camp !!!
It Borders A Town Reserviour !!!

This is a picture of my new camp!!!

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