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These Bruisers Don't Want Any More Of An Encounter
With Humans Than We Do Them!!! Being Prepared Helps!

Though Highly Unlikely An Encounter is possible
And A Better Prepared Hunter Is A Safer Hunter!!!!

Youv'e Just Encountered A Bear Now What ?

I have a Great Passion for the outdoors & also My 2nd Love is Fishing . During all my years of fishing & Hunting I have come across quite a few close encounters, while persuing My outdoor endeavors . Some includied wild animal encounters , Bears,  snakes , & other animals though small could have been deadly . So I want to write this page mostly for folks who don't visit the outdoors on a regular basis & have probably never had an encounter of sorts, As well for those who are outdoor enthusiast who may have never had an encounter of such.!!  However you Must be aware the possibility of an encounter does & will always exist in the wild . So I will give you a couple of good tips on What & What NOT to do with such an encounter which could be the difference between life & death in some instances. First Off If you are out camping or traveling, fishing etc. in known Bear country !, Whenever you travel in bear country, you have to accept the basic reality that you may encounter a bear at any given time . The tips on this page can & will help reduce the likely hood of meeting one of these Bruins, but at the same time, you need to be prepared to take immediate action on what to do when the unexpected does occur if & when  though not often It DOES Happen!! .

If you are in open country, I alway's  use binoculars to scan the the entire area to look for bears. In a more forested area, be sure to make lots of noise and keep a mental inventory of climbable trees just in case you need one , should an encounter happen. Remember, Black bears are awesome climbers, and I can't personaly speak for grizzly bear , but I have studied & know its a fact they have also been known to climb short distances up trees. To be safe, you should look for trees that will allow you to get at least  30 ft above the ground. Don't forget that bears are capable to  charge about at 30 m.p.h.. You'll need some time to climb that tree. If you have a notion you can outrun one of these bruisers, You need to do some research. Because it won't happen & when an actual encounter happens the first thing most folks do is panic & run (Not The Best Idea) alway's, because what ensues after, Panic!!! is trouble, a definet NO_NO. If the encounter is from a distance of say 300 - 400 feet or more chances are the bear hasn't detected you DO_ NOT Announce Your Presence!!!! If at all possible, retreat slowly and give the bear plenty of space. If you have the opportunity, you should retreat  leave the trail to the bear. If you must continue, back off a short distance, and give the bear time to leave the area. You should also do a wide detour around him as quietly and as quickly downwind of him/her to avoid problems especially if there are cubs present!!! . But if the bear has detected your there & he is at a distance of 200 or more feet away!!!  Your main goal here is to act in such a way as to allow the bear to identify you, but to also let it know that you are no threat. Speak calmly so that it knows you are a human A known fact is their eyesight is very poor They will often quickly give ground to you once they identify you as human. If the situation permits, try & back away as slowly, keeping a close eye on the bear. Otherwise, you may wish to detour around the bear, but in ANY case Don't panic, just try & detour upwind from the bear so that the bear can get your scent. Keep talking calmly. Waving your arms may help it identify you as a human. I usually light a ciggarette etc. But if the Bear has detected your presents & seems aggressive!!!, If you have followed the advice listed above, hopefully you have a good piece of distance between the bear and you by then. You'll need to determine what kind of bear your dealing with, depending on what part of the country your in. Then start thinking about the trees as I mentioned earlier !! Are there climbable trees nearby and do you have enough time to climb them? Again Don't Panic, And Don't waste your time running as you just will not outrun a bear be it grizzly or black bear!!! Folks another thing I have heard many a hunter telling people to just run downhill (ITS IS NOTHING BUT A MYTH DON'T Even Try It!!!!) You need to just try backing up & try to put as much distance as you can between you & the bear. Always keep talking even if alone as so the bear is able to identify you as human, if by chance you are wearing a backpack be sure & keep it on as it may help save your life . And A BIG Piece of Advice here folks (NEVER I MEAN NEVER ) Have direct Eye contact with any bear it is to them a sign of agression !!! just Be sure you keep a close eye on the bear as you continue to back away Watch his actions sometimes (But Not Alway's ) they will give you a sign of what they may do next. Now as you have put some space between yourself & the Bear, its a good time to look for a good tree to climb. Trying to find a nice tall tree usually in access of 30 feet or so as to reduce the chance the bear may climb the tree & try to pull you out of that tree . The hope here being that the bear even though he can come up the tree after you , Hopefully he will feel less threatend & hopefully less likely to persue you all the way up . In The unlikely chance the bear does charge !!! They will usually bluff at first & How You respond can Make a difference , The bluffs are a built in mechanism to prevent encounters with enemies ! And That may afford you the opportunity to back away even more. In the unlikely event he should attack!!! In Areas I know bears travel I make it a point to always carry  pepper spray It does a wonderful job (BUT BE WARNED) It Is only really useful at ranges up to about 20 feet maximun. Hopefully this as with Humans will disorient the bear long enough for you to find a tree or get away or flee the area depending on where you are & How deep in the woods you are. Remember always no matter what when you have used a can of pepper spray !!! Discard it or keep it for people attacks only (Muggers) etc. Alway's keep a fresh canister of it with you whenever you go back to the woods especially if you know bears frequent the area & another thing dont spray it unless its absolutely needed as it can act as an acttractant as well. Another important point If the bear seems to be or has been stalking You!!! again determine what kind of bear your dealing with depending on where you live!! 1st if Contact with this bear or any bear does happen defend yourself with anything available , all the while screaming at the bear in a commanding voice not a terrified one bears can sence if your terrified & that will more times than not turn a bad scene worse. If an attack occurs at night it may very well be predatory in nature. Remember if the bear attacks, Playing dead may be your only hope though its the most horrifing thing you  may ever encounter rest assured , If the bear thinks you are no longer a threat he may back away, However!!! I Always wear a backpack when I know I am hunting or fishing in Bear country if can  may help reduce the amout of injuries you suffer through an & may divert  an actual attack. Again If an attack occurs & you have a backpack on be Sure & lay On your stomach that backpack can &  may just leave you with minimal injuries after the attack!!! Lay in a fetal position grasping your legs with your hands protecting your Vital areas. Also Don't Play dead until its absolutely nessessary. Staying on your feet may divert the attack entirely. But again If You have been attacked & played dead , When the attack is over be sure & wait several minutes before getting up to make sure the bear has left the immediate area , Then you should immediately go for emergency help & report the attack to the local athorities ASAP.!!! So they can send folks to the area & they can dart or terminate the bear if neccessary to make sure this bear is no longer a threat to Humans!!!

           Well Folks I hope that I was able to give you some   insight on wild encounters Though Ulikley They can  Happen!!! you need always keep the possibility of one happening anytime your in the wild,    Or an area with known to have bears frequenting the area . Also remember Bears really don't want anymore of an encounter with you than you with them . Just follow the rules about food placement & so on,    so you don't invite these wild animals to your camp or cabin etc.

 So Until Next Time May You Have A Great Safe!! HUNT

          And May You bag A Trophy Of A Lifetime

               !!!And Enjoy The Great Outdoors!!!

                               Wally Black Bear 


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