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In Memory Of My Departed Sister

In Memory Of My Rhonda B !!!
May You Rest In Peace My Love !!!

May You Rest In Peace My Love

This Is Tasha, Matthew, Rhonda , & Myself

Warning! This Site Has Various Pics Of Dead Deer
Some Viewers May Find Offensive !!!

This story is dedicated to I'll refer her to as Rhonda B !!! its a hunt I will never forget as she was my Wife, my Life, My Love.!!!it was in the latter 1980's I had been with Rhonda for about 8 yrs she so Loved the outdoors along with her two children from her first marriage, Being with them was trully a gift from GOD in my eye's , In the late 1980's Rhonda had been diagnosed with Breast cancer it was devestating news for her and everyone who knew her , But she was a fighter and tried not letting that slow down what we had & Our Love for life & the great outdoors , Family & friends!!! Anyhow the last thing on my mind that year was deer hunting as Rhonda progressivly had gotten worse as the cancer had spread to her bones & treatment after treatment was starting to take its toll on her, But again she stood tall , then around deer season she had told me she wanted me to go & get out hunting as she wanted to have our winter supply of venision. I couldn't argue with her because she was always the winner of those lol!! , Anyhow I had just a month before that had arthoscopic surgery on my knee due to an injury / fall I had & was still recovering from that as well but agreed to go to my Brothers & hunt with my 2 brothers Bob & George though it was against my will  . As deer hunting approached Rhonda looked as if she was getting to feel alot better but I now know it was an act just to get me outta the house , anyhow I went to my brothers house & opening day shotgun was the most Unbelievable hunt I could EVER have imagined !!! it was 5:30 am on the opener myself & brothers got up had breakfast discussed our stratagie for the morning hunt & we went out!! my Brother owned 15 acres of woods & we had access to over 500 acres of some of the Best Hunting land I ever hunted, anyhow we went on our way headed towards the spot we had chosen n had scouted earlier in the season with Rhonda & the kids but was not able to get that far due to my knee pain so I had made it back to a treeline I used to get to the area I wanted to hunt & was forced to set my portable tree seat on a tree in the treeline . It was around 7:05 am  what happend next to this day I believe was a true miracle from above!!! I was not fully situated yet & had just sat down on the seat I had attached to a tree I picked to sit in & then it happend!!! I had  two deer walk right up on me caught me totally off guard & stopped not 5 yards in front of me looking right at me I had my gun by my side & not in my hands where it should have been, However what happend next blew me away I had two doe permits but just knew if I blinked  at that moment them deer would be in the next county in a heartbeat !! I couldnt have been more wrong both deer instead looked around & just stood right  there knowing I was there I raised my gun while they both watched me & fired at the spike buck he went down, the doe jumped and bolted about 5 more feet & stopped right about 12 yards away & looked right at me as to say well go ahead I understand as I raised my gun again she looked away I fired my 12 gauge again & she went down I couldn't  really comprehend what had just happend !!! Never in all the years or all the deer I've been Blessed to have taken have I EVER seen anything nor could I have Imagined that happening to anyone, I was beside myself with joy that now I could now go back home & be with Rhonda & the kids and we had our winter supply of venison as well. Well I was not able to drag my deer back to the house but my two nephews GOD Bless them offered to drag them out for me so I could go back to the house & call Rhonda and tell her the good news that would make her so happy as she Loved venison as well as the kids too along with  me, However upon calling home her sister answered the phone and gave me news I so Prayed would not come that Rhonda had taken a qwik turn for the worse after I had left and that if I wanted to see her again I would have to hurry home right then . Well without hesitation I informed my brothers about her turn for the worse & asked them to take my deer in and have them processed for me they agreed , I went immediatly home to be with Rhonda and the kids,family etc.Rhonda was waiting to greet me though she was in bed and had been put on a morphine pump she said to me you got two deer huh!!! I said yes hun I got you two deer she said good I am so happy can't wait to have some, then she said what would be the final words we would have  a chance to say to one another in this world I Love you Wally I said I Love You my Rhonda B that night as we slept would  be  the   last time we spoke , as later that night I awoke to find my Rhonda B was gone , I will Miss that Woman til I meet her again someday til then she will ALWAY'S be my Rhonda B.!!!!!!! Folks I just had to write this story as u see she and the kids were my World & meant so very much to me she was a once in a lifetime Gift From GOD and I thank God everyday for bringing us together , I so Hope you have or will have a Rhonda B in your Life oneday as I was so Trully Blessed & Proud to have had time with her and the kids though not mine biologically mine n Always be in my heart and soul, The deer I took that day I believe were sent from Heaven above directly!!! that can be the only explanation as to why they didn't run away and just stood there like they knew I was needed elsewhere that was sooo!!! true May You all be Blessed as I was with My Rhonda B I will cherish her memory Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              GOD Bless You+++ n may You rest in Peace My Rhonda B :)



Have a great safe hunt!!!!!!!!!!!
          Come again soon as will be adding Often now that hunting season is over til next season :)

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