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Though A Successful Season Not What We Anticipated

Well It all actually started during the Archery Season.
 We had been seeing so much deer activity , that we really figured this would be a record year for us. We had seen so many Beautiful Bucks & Large deer overall.  However NOTHING about this season went according to the way we figured it should. Starting with the pre- rut to rut season. The first week last year we were rattling & calling with all kinds of Bucks responding to calling we were doing. This year the season & I'm quite sure the weather played a big part in this weird season with hardly NO Rain etc. & temps way up there , their was just so much food out there & everything was green . In fact when the apples fall from the trees I usually collect a large amount so that later during the bow & gun season I use them to attract deer to my area. But this year before the end of Bow season the majority of the apples left on the ground were completly dissipated (GONE) & not by the deer. this we attributed to the lack of rain all summer. And all the apples my wife & I had gathered were turning bad, way before their time. The beechnut & acorn crop was good however they fell early as well & the deer were still feeding in the cornfields etc. The squirrels were the only ones enjoying the mast crop of beechnut & acorn. Well around the last week of Archery The First Buck scrape appeared!!! It was about 10 yards away from where I have a large treestand. I thought
"yes" Finally its happening the Rut was starting , I couldn't have been more wrong. I started testing the waters per say with my various calls , Grunts, Bleats, rattling, (The Can) by Primo's & absolutly nothing seemed to work . I did manage to call in a couple of young Bucks a nice 6 point & a small spike . But I Knew there were bigger Bucks in the area as we had been seeing them daily at various travel corridors that we knew were leading to the hay, & Corn fields . In fact I had a Beautiful 10- point that was traveling through my Meadow on a daily basis until Bow opened, Then he moved down my path along the stream that runs through my Property. I forgot to mention that the reserviour that adjoins my Property was WAY DOWN due to the lack of rain all summer. A complete opposite from last year. All the areas I had pre-scouted & hung or built stands at were just not producing the deer we expected.  After talking with several other hunters about what was going on they agreed its is just a totally differnt senerio from years past. We decided our strategies needed to be changed completly. I managed to finally attract a 6- point right under my stand a couple of day's before the end of bow season , when he presented a decent shot I Totally Blew it & Missed with a deflection., & could only watch as the buck walked outta the area. Needless to say I was dissapointed, But hadn't given up yet . Two day's later I decided to take the next deer that came along , That happend to be a decent sized Button buck. Near the last day My wife Carol decided to hunt that stand as she was still seeing some doe's etc. traveling through that spot early mornings on their way back to their bedding spots, & that paid off for her as well. She ended up taking a button buck as well. On The last day of Archery I hunted a climbing stand I had set up . I tried rattling once again & Finally a Nice Buck appeared it was a tall rack short tined 10 point , However he just wouldn't come in close enough for a decent shot and that ended the Bow season ,but at least we both scored a deer young ones though Very tender. On the next page I will talk about the gun season , which was another dissapointment for us. however we did score eventually.

Although Archery Season wasn't all we had hoped it would be, We never gave up & we still got deer, though not the ones we prefered , They still filled our tags & Their was still The gun season ahead to look foward to fill the freezer. If You read my first page  then You know I am not a "Head-Hunter" (Every Deer) is a Trophy to me .The antlers usually either end up on a cane I made Or on Our Cabin wall!!! As I have yet to come up with a recipe for antler soup! LOL  
  Until Next Time have A Great Safe Hunt
     And Enjoy Our Great Outdoors
        Include The Children
          May GOD Bless Us All

This Bruiser was taken near my Property
By A Friend of my Nephew

Please: Pray For Our Troops & Their Families, Here & Abroad!!! Prayer: Dear Lord Please Bless , Guide & Protect Our Troops For The Selfless Acts They Perform For Our Great Country !!! AMEN.
If you can't stand behind them!!! Then feel free to stand in Front of Them!!! 
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