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Well Another successful Archery Buck
to open the 2008-09 season!!!
We decided this was another cull buck a 4- Point

On the 3rd day this buck came out at 9:20 am
I had seen him earlier in the week & decided he was a cull buck

Carol At Her New Stand We Set Up

Well we will be eating well
During the Archery season thanks to this odd 4-point

Well this story begins Yestarday, on the 3rd day of archery season.
We had scouted & opened a couple of travel routes to our new stands . They in turn qwickly became travel routes for the deer as well. So we hung out one of my trail cams before the opener on the 17th  , the day before the opener to see what if anything would come through. Well the next morning after I went & retrieved the sd  card  from my stealth trail cam , went back to camp , and this is what we found on it the first picture using the trail cam see picture below.

On Opening morning, Myself & wife & hunting Partner Carol were up in our stands at around 6:00 am with official daylight being at 7:15 am. That allowed us plenty of time to get settled in & quiet the woods again. There really wasnt much action until around 9:00 am "when all Heck broke loose" Deer busted into the swamp thicket our stands are located between that & the reserviour itself . Its also a funnel for traveling to & from feeding & bedding area's. First 2 doe's then several deer appeared from Carols side of the woods , into the same swamp thicket . Carol had a great veiw ! However there was so many deer there it was fairly kaotic with a large buck around 8 points or better, He started chasing all the younger buck etc. from the swamp. All I could see from my vantage point were a few doe's outta range  & all appeared to be very excited & spooky. Carol radioed me letting me know the big buck was in the middle of the swamp , However as fast as all the deer came in they seemed to disperse just as fast! as they fled the swamp . Man what an exciting few minutes that was I gotta tell ya. If you saw this action I believe you would of thought we were in the middle to peak of the "RUT". On day 2 we didnt see much only a mink under my stand & playing red squirrles playing in around my stand. Day 3 However proved to be a great morning . I forgot to mention myself & Carol have been extremley sick with terrible colds  , that just won't quit it seems even with antibiotics & other medicine .I had told Carol to take the morn hunt off & stay in bed , Then go out when the temps rose later in the day. I went out to the same stand over the swamp at 6:30 leaving me 1/2 hr or so to let things calm back down. Well My cabin is about 80 yrds from my stand . As I walked towards my stand I usually hunt my way in as quiet as possible. "Just then BAM!!! I was busted by the Big 8 or 10 point he was just the otherside of the stream that leads to my wifes stand, he got up looked & bolted away from me straight to the adjoining woods.!!! Man that freaked me out right off the bat Busted . However I slowly continued to my stand  pulled my bow up , secured my safety harness. Though I was caught by that buck I knew there are several deer & bucks still in the area. I sat quiet with the only noise comming from all the geese on the reserviour , Until about 9:00 am I thought I'd give it another 10 minutes then go back & have coffee & breakfast before heading out again. Just then at exactly 9:20, I heard a noise I looked to my right & seen a deer comming after glassing him,   I seen he was a 4 point with 3 points on one side & one large spike with a ticker  nearly a point on the other I decided then he would be a cull buck, That he would never develop into the kind of deer, we aim to have around breeding . Well he slowly made his way to the swamp where my stand is located went down into the trail they have there. I drew back my new Martin Bow & when he came to the clearing I had made weeks earlier I took aim & slid an arrow into & through the shoulder a Perfect hit !!!This deer folks didn't go 40- yards before falling for good . I was elated, that just as I was thinking coffee/ breakfast, In comes a nice young 4- point buck. I Thanked GOD for a wonderful Safe hunt with the ending Very qwik & humane. Well I went & Got my Wife, she dragged it back to camp with me & did the honors of cooking us a "Great venison   "tenderloin breakfast".   She then took over the skinning & quartering up the buck , So we could get him home & cut up , & put in the freezer as soon as possible. Today is our first weather calling for yep "SNOW" brrrr.  However  the Barometor is saying back to the cabin in the woods asap!!! I hope you enjoyed this hunt along with me . I look fowared to Updating you soon hopefully with my wife Carols deer story , Until Then May GOD Bless You
                Have a Great Safe Hunt
                And Enjoy The Great Outdoors!
 PS: I 'd like to say Thank You to my Wife Carol For All she does , We really are quite the team!!!  Love ya Sweetie !! :)

This buck looks to be a smaller 8 point buck
We have seen him a few times now & Decided we would let him go

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