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As I stated  in the front of this site I will only tell you about products , I have field tested myself!!! Well here is the entire collection of calls I Personally use, & these have all proven themselves to me time & time again !!!! They Are simple to use but, as with any calls You must practice with them in various way's. Also the rattlebags are great & less intimidating !!! : However remember the cloth will absorb scent so always spray some sort of earth scent on it etc. pryor to taking  it out hunting with you to avoid being winded by deer .

Two Bucks Sparring !!!

This Was The First Member Of (The Can) Family
That I Had Bought Tested & Have Scored Time & Time Again With Works From Archery Through Gun Season!

This Is A great call As Well
I Use It On Calm Day's For Close Up Calling & Its Less Intimidating!!

This Call Is My Latest Addition
To My Family Of Calls Its Great For Long Distance Calling & Windy Day's!!

Magnum Grunter Works Great On Big Dominant Bucks!
However Can be Intimidating On Smaller Class Bucks!!

This Is My Personal Favorite Its A Tri Call
This Tri Call Helped Me Take Both My 8-Point Archery Buck & My 4-Point During Shotgun This Year!!!!

The Rattle Bag I Wouldn't Leave Camp W/Out It !!!
This Is A Great Product As Well As Less Intimidating To Smaller Class Buck!!!

When Is the best time time???

First off Let me start off by telling you there is NO SURE FIRE way to Rattle & bring the bucks in every time # 1 reason is usually the buck doe ratio is just too low in a lot of area's . And #2 Most hunters just go out & start banging away with the largest set of antlers they have without first learning all they can about rattling , Usually ending up Intimidating the lowers class bucks in the area, making sure the lower class bucks will leave the area, Or they may have heard someone else rattling wrong!!
Some people will have you believe you can only successfully rattle during the rut (Myth) I believe . I went out in mid summer many a times in a town where you couldn't hunt , However there was no law on me going to practice & Learn everything I could about rattling deer so I secured permissions where needed & took advantage on rattling where I knew I was the only one doing so in that area .Deer are very curious animals, & all the times I Practiced various rattling techniques I learned a lot first hand. # 1 being Deer especially Bucks are very curious animals!!! Here are some valuable lessons about antler rattling. First, keep your rattle sequences short to about 20 to 30 seconds kicking leaves, scratching trees etc. during the peak, I've even given out a snort along with my rattling sequence .  Even with short sequences, a buck may bolt right in before you are ready for a shot. When first rattling, If you see the buck & he seems on a mission you have absolutely nothing to lose I believe, & maybe everything to gain by trying a rattling session . Either way I don't believe you have anything to lose. Bucks & deer in general are use to hearing antler rattling. There are some factors you need to consider during deer season However, one being are there big older buck in the area, sporting Big head gear, (antlers) on their heads or are the bucks that you are seeing, mid size younger bucks ? This makes a difference, believe it or not, for instance older bigger Buck sporting heavy racks will respond better to a heavier set of rattling antlers , where as younger bucks will  (get out of dodge) per say because their intimidated by the sound of possibbly two Monsters going at it & usually don't want NO part of that scene. So In the case of seeing only smaller size bucks now, I go to my rattle bag or a small 6 pt set of antlers & my rattling is toned down a bit as opposed to heavy banging of a heavy set of antlers, and rattle in more of a sparring session rather than an all out brawl , This seems to be less intimidating to the younger bucks & they are more likely to respond, or at least come check out the situation. at the sound of a couple of bucks sparring, keep in mind on occasion this will bring in curious doe's as well. & that in turn will sometimes bring in the Bucks along not long after . A mature buck in the peak of the rut may walk right past the sound of a couple of small bucks sparring, yet just the opposite may charge right into the sound of crashing antlers worn by two big bucks fighting over a hot doe. Antler rattling is effective from early October through late December. Since the (November- Rut) is "the Time for pecking order & breeding rights ," and mature bucks know this. from the early stage right -up to the peak period of -breeding time is VERY intense to say the least . With each passing day leading up to the time when most of the does will come into heat in mid-November depending on your location , mature bucks begin to gradually increase their daytime activity. They start "what I call (HOT trailing)" for hot does and begin to encounter other bucks doing the samealong the way . Territories are then defended, This is the time when bucks find out who's who & the battle begins, However for us the Hunter there couldn't be a better time!!! for a chance at taking one of these Bruisers when they are at the peak time when they become less weary of all  around them including hunters!!  More so than at any other time of the year, & become one tracked in their thinking "doe's & Breeding" & for us that means at no other time will you have a chance to possibly encounter a buck of a lifetime, or a chance to bag one of these Big Guy's. Due to their one track thinking & that being mating season. At No other time will you ever have a chance to fool a buck this easy, & believe me its still not an easy chore just a more likely chance  of an encounter with one of these Bruisers. Also remember a Big rub on a tree or several good sized trees usually means BIG Buck. I look at the height to generally determine the size of that particular buck who's rub im analyzing along with hoof size in the scrape they make, usually having a licking branch above the scrape but not always . Height of the rub can say a lot about a particular Buck along with the tracks in the scrape . And of course if it looks like a brush hog went through that scrape/ rubline I can pretty much say yep Im on a bruiser . I will elaborate more on this later on in this site . Also remember in some areas rattling will just not work as we would like, or maybe not at all in that area, but in any case you should test the waters per say there anyhow & see if that area is one of them you won't know if you don't try . As I said earlier there is no surefire way to guarantee a deer by rattling every time, the best way to give yourself a better chance at it is through trial & error so Practice as much as your able, It can only help you in our never ending quest for the Deer of a lifetime!!!  So Let me end on this note:
Once you have had a successful rattling encounter with a Monster Rest assured it will be an encounter you will NEVER forget!!!! My Son & I have had many first hand accounts of them hunts & Encounters !!!
       Well I hope I was able to give you a little insight into rattling & how I do it & how you can make it a part of your game plan during the magical time called Pre rut to  (The Rut). Hope you enjoyed your visit & feel free to come again soon. thank you for stopping by !!!
  So Until Next Time May You Have A Great Safe Hunt!!!
          And May You Bag The Deer Of A Lifetime !!!!
                             Wally Squirrel 

I Recommend Practicing alot in the woods , But learn as much as possible in books tv shows about rattling before just heading out & just start banging away because it can hurt as well as Help doing it the wrong way!! so be sure & practice alot first!!! & Good Luck!

Please: Pray For Our Troops & Their Families, Here & Abroad!!! Prayer: Dear Lord Please Bless , Guide & Protect Our Troops For The Selfless Acts They Perform For Our Great Country !!! AMEN.
If you can't stand behind them!!! Then feel free to stand in Front of Them!!! 
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